A UO players dream becomes reality...
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FOR UO Players BY UO Players

Play WolvesbaneUO TODAY!

To join, use either UOSteam or Razor, whichever you prefer.  You can fully patch the OSI client in order to play.

Open UOSteam or Razor, and enter: Port: 2593

It should look like this picture here (Any issues, join our Discord):


We do use a custom Hue file, and also custom graphics.  In order to download these, please unzip and drop this updater into your UO Directory.  When you open it the first time you will need to select Wolvesbane from the dropdown list.

Download the Updater Here




Choose Your Path


A warriors life in Wolvesbane is risky business. find a fast weapon with armor ignore ability and use shield bash or find yourself as a ghost very often. Fighting hand to hand is most satisfying. You killed it yourself and not a pet.


Its a tamers life for me. Tame, train and breed pets?  Yes, please! So many tamables here you don't know what is or isn't tamable. One player is quoted as saying, "I try to tame everything. Like Pokemon, 'You gotta catch them all!' "


With very strong mobs sometimes its best to not get close. Mages can cast from afar and stay safe. We have multiple spells and magic classifications to give you a lot of options to be a strong threat using spells!


Crafting is a satisfying way to play UO.  With no Felucca ruleset, there is no risk of being killed by a PK and the satisfaction of you made it yourself is worth it.

Features of the shard...

1000 Stat cap

Unlimited Skill Cap

5 Houses per Account

2 Accounts per IP

Custom Start Location with 3 Starter Skill Boosts (3 skills @ 120, 7 skills @ 100 and All skills (Excludes Meditation and Focus) @ 45)

Custom Ores, Wood, Leather 

Animal Breeding/Leveling

Evo Pets (Including Mercenaries)

Custom Crafting (Gargoyle Crafting, Apiculture, Brewing, Deco Craft, Mechanical Pets, Mini Tinkering, Fire Rock Crafting, Rune Crafting, Aquarium Crafting, Medical Crafting, and more…)

Craftable Evo Weapons 

Levelable Weapons