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Hello and Welcome to Wolvesbane.  A free shard for the people, by the people.  Myself, Von Wolvesbane, and my staff, Lady J and Joy had played on other free servers together.  Every time crashes, bugs, and exploits would be the downfall; or the owner would just shut down without notice.  That’s when I decided to start Wolvesbane.  In October 2019, we started laying the ground work.  There were the normal start up issues and problems that any shard experiences, but we have worked together and gotten through them all.  We opened Wolvesbane UO to the world on December 1, 2019. Please understand this shard is not something I take lightly, and I plan to continue to grow and develop as we all move forward together. In March of 2020, we expanded our staff to include Phoenix who is a great scripter.  He and myself have been working to bolster the middle ground monsters on Wolvesbane.  We are also looking to add more QUESTS!  We continue to grow as time goes on and are always looking to add more items, customs, and crafting to the server.  In April of 2023 we began using the new Install/Patch/Launcher to allow us to add new animations, custom artwork, and more to the server. Please give us a chance, I’m sure you won’t regret it!