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Runecrafting is currently one of the most powerful yet most dangerous ways of improving the strength of your gear.


First order of business entails getting the prerequisite skills.

120 magery as well as 120 inscription is preferred to avoid any loss of runes before actually applying them.

To create runes you will need 3 items: A Rune Chisel, Rough Stones, and Reagents

Rough Stones can be gathered in a few different ways:

-Dropped by Stone Elementals

-Gathered through Mining

-Bought from the Runecrafter in City of Wolvesbane

-Bought off the Gold Stone in City of Wolvesbane

Rune Chisel:

-Purchased from the Runecrafter in City of Wolvesbane near the firepit.


-Bought off of NPC vendors

-Dropped from Monsters

Using the chisel will open up a crafting gump. You can select from any of the options to create a rune in your backpack.

Double click the rune and target your equipment in mind. If successful the item will be imbued by a random amount of the bonus you chose.

Bear in mind, all runecrafting attempts have a 1/4 chance of failure.


Armor: Failure on armor will reduce its durability by 1 point. You can improve its durability with Powder of Fortification

Weapon: IMPORTANT BEFORE YOU RUNECARVE A WEAPON IT NEEDS TO BE AT FULL DURABILITY AND DURABILITY MUST BE GREATER THAN 1. Full durability definition: The item must be at full repair Examples: 22/22 255/255 120/120

When a weapon fails it will be dropped directly to 1/1 durability a second fail will destroy the weapon. To prevent a full failure (destruction of weapon) after each failure you must either use a charge of POF on the weapon, or if it is a levelable weapon you can use 1 point

to add a durability and make it 2/2.

RESISTS: Resist can only be added to jewelry and weapons.


NONE - hit leeches only got up to 100 though

Rune list Syllable Effect Aglo Durability Bonus Ahm Spell channeling An Hit dispel Arma Use best weapon skill Bal Hit leech Stam Beh Regen stam Bet Hit magic arrow Cah Mage armor / weapon Char Hit lower defence Corp Inc. spell damage Del Resist cold Des Hit lower attack Dium Resist physical bonus Ex Bonus stam Flam Resist fire Flamus Hit Fire Area Frio Hit cold area Furis Hit energy area Gra Hit leech hits Grav Hit physical area Hur Resist energy In Luck Jux Hit harm Kal Hit fireball Lor Night Sight Lum Lower stat requirments Malas Hit poison area Mani Bonus hits Mu Regen hits Nox Resist posion bonus Om Regen mana Ort Bonus mana Pas Lower mana cost Por Bonus dex Quas Hit leech mana Ra Defend chance Rel Self repair Sanct Reflect physical Sar Inc. weapon damage Summ Cast recovery Tym Swingspeed Increase Um Cast speed Uus Attack chance Vas Bonus str Wis bonus int Xen hit lightning Ylem Lower reg cost Zu Enhance potions