Mr. Bones "The Pimp"

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In the eerie lands of Ultima Online, where magic and mystery intertwine, there exists a towering figure whose presence commands both fear and fascination - Mr. Bones, the Pimp. His story is one of unlikely transformation, macabre humor, and a unique brand of underworld entrepreneurship.

Long ago, Mr. Bones was nothing more than a simple skeleton, one among countless others that roamed the dark and forgotten corners of the realm. And so he wandered aimlessly, a silent sentinel of the night, until fate intervened in the most unexpected of ways.

One fateful night, Mr. Bones stumbled upon an abandoned house of ill repute in the depths of a desolate graveyard, its halls echoing with the whispers of the past. Inspired by the decadence and debauchery that lingered within, he saw an opportunity to carve out a new identity for himself - that of Mr. Bones, the Pimp.

With a swagger in his step and a gleam in his empty eye sockets, Mr. Bones set about transforming the decrepit brothel into a thriving den of sin and the undead. Using his formidable stature and imposing presence to intimidate would-be adventurers, he quickly established himself as a force to be reckoned with.

An adventurer that Kills “The Pimp” will be rewarded with a multitude of items.  Beside a load of high level magical items, there is a chance to get any one of the following:  Face of the Pimp, Hands of the Pimp, Robe of the Pimp, the Pimp Cane, Hat of the Pimp, Parachute Pants and Von’s Favorite of them all, the Pimp Stick!

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