Guardian Mercenary

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The Guardian Mercenary, or "Merc" for short, drops the Mercenary Deed. When utilized, this deed grants you access to an Evo Mercenary. Known as one of the most valuable allies in the game, the Evo Mercenary can be evolved and equipped with the same armor as human players, resulting in a formidable combination. Additionally, it possesses incredible speed when engaging in attacks, making it exceptionally efficient. By pairing its agility with the ability to equip it with hit area weapons, you gain a companion capable of aiding in the swift destruction of champion spawns, setting record times.

However, exercise caution when deploying mercs against necro enemies, as they are vulnerable to Blood Oath, which causes them to inflict significant damage upon themselves. The Guardian Merc can be encountered in various locations, but its consistent spawn point is near its hideout—an area of ruin secluded from prying eyes.