The Rules

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Here are the Rules:

1. Be Polite! We have a very helpful, friendly group of players, and I hope to continue to grow the player base. Being polite and friendly will grow our shard.

2. No swearing. No swearing on the public chat system or in high public traffic areas (such as The Lost City,) or during GM hosted events or whatever you might call them. No one will care if you swear on guild chat, party chat, or private chat, just keep the chatting in public or in public areas clean.

3. Please avoid the "isms": Racism, Sexist, Age-ism, along with political opinions, and anything else offensive. Dependent on the offense, first time warning, 2nd time suspension for 3 days, 3rd time, permanent ban.

4. If you find yourself in a situation that you do not want to be in, remove yourself. Staff wants to have fun, just like most of you. So please do your best to get along.

5. Don’t exploit. Obviously we can’t always know if you cheat, but if you do exploit, just know that you are not really helping the shard by doing it. Also if we catch you cheating there may be consequences.

6. GM Favors. Don’t ask GM’s for favors or for resolving player issues. GM’s can’t help you with politics.

7. No Spamming. Do not spam the forum or in game.

8. Situational punishment: Every situation will be evaluated by Von Wolvesbane and the Shard Council. Decisions of the Shard Council are final, and Von Wolvesbane reserves the right to remove anyone from the server.

9. No AFK Resource Gathering. First offense, warning. Second offense kick, Third Offense Ban.

10. Do not place any housing in the City of Wolvesbane.

ADDED 01.11.2020

11. No houses within 50 tiles of a boss spawn. The house will be removed, without warning by staff.

As of 03.17.20

No Exploit Killing bosses as seen in this picture. If the boss cannot hit you, you are exploiting your house, and the House, and monster you are killing will be deleted. This will be a complete wipe of your house, meaning you will lose all items inside your house also.