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Taming Overview

Here is a brief overview of the taming system on WolvesbaneUO.
The max level for Spawned Pets is 30
The max level attainable with Max Level Increase Deeds is 35
The max level with breeding is 50

At level 37 the following special attacks are unlocked (each costing 100 points)

Repel - triggers on the next incoming hit. Your pet takes 50 damage and reflects 50 damage back at the attacker. This reflected 50 damage is then reduced by the resists of the target. If the target has 50% resist, the repel would do 25 damage

Venomous Bite - causes the creature to poison all nearby targets.

Fire Breath Attack - Is Dragons breath

At level 47 the following special attacks are unlocked (each costing 250 points)

Heal - Gives your pet the Ability to heal itself (Like the Cusidhe)

Colossal Rage - The creature goes into a rage, inflicting greater damage!

Howl Of Cacophony - lowers target's Swing Speed Increase by 60% and freezes them on the spot

FS Taming Pet Skills Rehaul.jpg