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  • 1000 Stat cap
  • Unlimited Skill Cap
  • 5 Houses per Account
  • 2 Accounts per IP
  • Custom Start Room with 3 Starter Skill Boosts (Southern Gate 3 skills @ 120, Middle Gate 7 skills @ 100 and North Gate All skills (Excludes Meditation and Focus) @ 45)
  • Public Gate System
  • Many Customs: Including...

-Custom Ores, Wood, Leather

-Animal Breeding/Leveling

-Evo Pets (Including Mercenaries)

-Custom Crafting (Apiculture, Brewing, Deco Craft, Mechanical Pets, Mini Tinkering, Fire Rock Crafting, Run Crafting, Aquarium Crafting, Medical Crafting, and more…)

-Craftable Evo Weapons

-Levelable Weapons

-Custom Mobs (Bosses, and lesser mobs)